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Silent But Deadly: PC Chassis Can Dissipate 600W Without Fans

There are plenty of high-performance gaming systems, and fanless PCs capable of running basic multimedia and productivity applications. Unfortunately, the spheres of gaming and fanless technology rarely overlap, resulting in a shortage of passively cooled gaming desktops, which often use custom-made and expensive components. However, Streacom wants to change that and make fanless gaming systems more popular.

Streamom SG10 will be exhibitedis a PC chassis that can dissipate up to 600W of heat energy without the use of a fan and was announced at Computex in late May. This case was developed in collaboration with Calyos, who specialize in advanced thermal solutions that rely on Loop Heat Pipe (LHP) technology. Avid readers will probably recall that a few years ago he announced a case that could consume his 600W of power. While that chassis has never hit the market, the SG10 is expected to become a retail product.

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