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Silent Hill: Ascension Is a Live Silent Hill Event Coming Next Year

Today’s Silent Hill announcement didn’t stop at just the gaming world. I also learned during the Silent Hill Transmission livestream that something called Silent Hill Ascension was in the works. This seems to be some sort of live, possibly interactive experience in the Silent Hill universe.

The trailer showed an image of a chat bubble where users discuss whether they can save “her,” and the segment ended with “Live 2023.”

Also produced through partnerships with streaming software tools company Genvid, Bad Robot Games, the game arm of JJ Abrams’ film and television production company, Dead by Daylight studio Behavior Interactive, and video game-to-TV specialist dj2. I also understand that it is. entertainment. With those names on board, we can presumably speculate that this will be some kind of hybrid video game/live streaming experience with interactive components, but we’ll have to wait until the details are finalized.

In the next segment, Ascension learned that watching streamers play Silent Hill with an audience was inspired by the “feeling of being scared together” like watching a horror movie in a theater. This is a live, real-time interactive series that allows viewers to change the outcome of the story and participate in scenes.

Critically, it is said that “there is no reset button”. The outcome is decided and fans will have a chance to “shape the Silent Hill canon forever.”

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