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Silent Hill: Townfall Invites Annapurna, NoCode to Shape the World of Silent Hill

In addition to several other Silent Hill announcements, we learned today that one of the new Silent Hill entries is being co-produced by the amazing combination of Annapurna Interactive and NoCode Studios. It’s called Silent Hill: Townfall.

Announced on today’s Silent Hill Transmission Livestream, the Silent Hill: Townfall reveal consisted of a series of disturbing imagery. Most of the teaser alternated between images of black-and-white ocean waves (and bright red at the end) and slow zooms into pocket CRTVs, with voices demanding that listeners know why they’re here.

Following the trailer, NoCode creative director John McKellen made an appearance on-screen to give a brief description of the game’s work, stating that it “respects the source material, but also does things a little differently.” . He added that we’ll see more information next year, though he can’t give details just yet. proposed.

Annapurna Interactive has previously published an impressive indie roster that includes games like Stray, Sayonara Wild Hearts, Donut County, and Outer Wilds. Earlier this year, we unveiled a significant slate at our annual showcase, including a new game from the creators of Kentucky Route Zero, an update to Thirsty Suitors, and a new project by Keita Takahashi and his Uvula.

By the way, this project seems to be a mysterious unannounced project that Annapurna teased in NoCode, from the creators of Observation and Stories Untold, in the same showcase. NoCode apparently had to double his size to make it happen.

For all the other information announced at today’s showcase, check out our roundup here.

Rebekah Valentine is a news reporter for IGN. you can find her on her twitter @duck valentine.

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