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SK Hynix to Showcase GDDR6-AiM Memory Next Month

SK Hynix announced At next month’s CES, it plans to demonstrate GDDR6-AiM memory with compute capabilities in action. GDDR6 accelerator-in-memory technology is designed to accelerate artificial intelligence and big data processing by bringing basic computational functions to memory chips.

According to the company, SK Hynix’s GDDR6-AIM chip can process data in memory at 16 Gbps, making certain calculations up to 16 times faster than other methods. Such chips are designed for machine learning, high-performance computing, and big data computation and storage. These types of workloads typically don’t always require truly serious computing performance, but transferring data from memory to the processor takes time and consumes a lot of power, so in-memory It makes sense to process the data in .

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