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SMIC Removes Mentions of 14nm Node: US Sanctions at Work?

Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation, China’s largest contract chip maker, has quietly removed 14nm manufacturing technology from its system. Service list on website. The company didn’t mention FinFET-based advanced technology at its earnings conference last week. DigiTimes reports.

The latest US government export control regulations require Chinese semiconductor manufacturers to allow non-planar transistor logic chips with dimensions of 14nm/16nm or less, 3D NAND chips with 128 or more active layers, and DRAM ICs with half active layers. Prohibits acquisition of the equipment and technology necessary to manufacture – Pitch below 18nm. Similar regulations are set to come into effect in the Netherlands, Japan and Taiwan in mid-2023, prompting Chinese companies such as SMIC and YMTC to produce chips at the latest production nodes such as 14nm/12nm, 14nm and 12nm. Equipment is no longer available. N+1 from SMIC, 128-layer and 232-layer 3D NAND from YMTC.

Without access to advanced equipment and spare parts from suppliers such as ASML, Applied Materials, KLA, and Lam Research, SMIC may not be able to produce chips for its customers using the latest manufacturing techniques, so the 14nm platform is reasonable to remove from SMIC. list of technologies.

(Image source: SMIC)

Meanwhile, the company’s shuttle service page still mentions 14nm and even states that the company is using this node to produce shuttle wafers on a regular basis.

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