Smoke Leads to Cancellations of ‘Hamilton’ on Broadway and ‘Hamlet’ in Central Park

Broadway performances of “Hamilton,” “Camelot,” and Free Shakespeare in the Air as smoke from Canada’s wildfires blankets New York City, encroaching on theaters, and alerting both ticket holders and performers・”Hamlet” in the park has been canceled. .

“Hamilton” announced at 6:45 p.m. that it would cancel its 8 p.m. performance on Wednesday due to the ill health of many of the performers.

“Tonight’s Hamilton show will not go as scheduled,” production spokesman Shane Marshall-Brown said in a statement. “New York City’s hazardous air quality has made it impossible for many artists to perform tonight.”

Around the same time, at the Lincoln Center Theater announced The Broadway revival of “Camelot” also canceled Wednesday night’s show. Publicist Juliana Hannett noted the “impact of air quality on artists.”

New musical ‘Shacked’ is planning a concert-style performance featuring composer Brandy Clarke after a spokesperson said several actors were unwell, citing them as having nothing to do with air quality. rice field.

The Public Theater canceled the final rehearsal of “Hamlet” on Wednesday night, and due to lost rehearsal time and continuing concerns about air quality, the first rehearsal scheduled for Thursday and Friday nights was cancelled. It was announced that the two previews of the movie have been cancelled.

Broadway theater owners and producers held an emergency meeting Wednesday afternoon to discuss the impact of worsening air quality, but given that many patrons and performers were already scheduled for the evening’s performances, We have decided to cancel any performances that could continue that night. . Originally, there were 31 performances in Broadway theaters on Wednesday night. Due to renovations made in response to the coronavirus pandemic, the theater has installed an air filtration system that is believed to reduce pollutants.

“Broadway is open tonight and most shows will be on,” Broadway League President Charlotte St. Martin said in a statement.

The decision comes as air quality levels in New York hit record unhealthy levels, prompting many organizations to cancel their events, including the New York Yankees. Initially, it was mainly held outdoors, but later, as the fog dragged on, it was moved indoors.

Smoke has affected live performances in New York for more than 24 hours. On Tuesday night, the Public Theater canceled technical rehearsals for “Hamlet,” citing air quality concerns, and on Wednesday morning Little Island, a small park built along the Hudson River, canceled its artistic activities.

The first big hit on Broadway came just after 2pm, just 10 minutes after actress Jodie Comer started her critically acclaimed (and physically demanding) one-man show Prima Facier, citing difficulty breathing. It was when I stopped in minutes. The show resumed with her replacement and Comer returned for Wednesday night’s performance.

Several other performances were canceled after government officials started talking loudly about the health risks of going out.Vineyard Theater canceled the show Impressions of the new play “This Land Was Made”. New York Live Arts has canceled a dance performance in Times Square by the Bill T. Jones/Ernie Zane Company. And the Brooklyn-based arts group BRIC canceled opening night The Celebrate Brooklyn Festival was scheduled to have a concert headlined by the Taj Mahal and Corinne Bailey Rae.

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