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Smuggler Hid Over 200 Alder Lake CPUs in Fake Silicone Belly

While some smuggle drugs and other exotic animals, a Chinese woman has agreed to become a processor’s mule.according to Mydrivers report (opens in new tab)Chinese customs officials detained a woman who tried to strap in 202 Intel processors and nine iPhones inside a prosthetic belly.

The incident occurred at Gongbei Port in Zhuhai, where a woman, believed to be pregnant, was trying to return to mainland China from Macau. The perpetrator claimed she was five months pregnant. However, her belly was large for her alleged gestational age and she was walking with ease, which raised many suspicions. After careful inspection, customs officials discovered that she had used duct tape to secure the contraband and hidden it under a fake silicone belly. She wouldn’t have been able to get past it because it’s unlikely she’d be able to get through a metal detector.

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