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Sony May Be Working on a PlayStation PC Games Launcher

Sony may be developing its own PC game launcher similar to Steam or the Epic Games Store for use on various PlayStation PC re-releases.

As reported by VGCthe files for the PC version of Spider-Man Remastered contain references to a “PlayStation PC launcher”. It’s often the case, but at least it shows that having a separate PC launcher is an idea floating around at Sony.

Sony has so far not provided a connection between a user’s PlayStation Network account and PlayStation Studios PC games, but further files also refer to ‘PSNAccountLinked’ and ‘PSNLinkingEntitlements’.

Nothing has been confirmed, of course, but Sony has recently invested heavily in PC publishing by creating a new PlayStation PC label and acquiring PC porting specialist Nixxes. Sony recently announced that, alongside investments in first-party software, another major strategy for growing its business is releasing software on multiple platforms, and in this fiscal year alone he’s gone from PC games to He said he expects to make $300 million.

So far, only a handful of PlayStation Studios games are available for PC, including 2018’s God of War, but also Spider-Man Remastered, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Days Gone. I’m here. Spider-Man’s Miles Morales is set to release on the platform later this year as well, arguably alongside PlayStation’s biggest franchise in the Legacy of Thieves collection of Uncharted.

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