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Sony Slices Another 300 Grams off the Weight of the PlayStation 5

Some revised Sony PlayStation 5 models have hit Australian retailers.antipode game magazine press start Share spec sheets for new optical disc drives (ODDs) and digital devices. But the only visible difference is the weight savings. The Sony PlayStation 5 CFI-1202A (with ODD) and PlayStation 5 CFI-1202B (digital) are 300g and 200g lighter respectively than the current revision.


CFI-1102 (2021)

CFI-1202 (2022)

ODD model (kg)




Digital model (kg)




Readers who have read the news so far can be forgiven for experiencing a sense of déjà vu. A year ago, Sony reported news that he was quietly revising the PlayStation 5 hardware to deliver his 300g lighter console. As of the 2021 report, we already had a very clear answer as to what Sony did to shed the weight: an enterprising YouTuber of his opened up the device and looked at the size of the heatsink and We observed that the mass decreased. This was Sony’s obvious cost-cutting move, but the new model only increased system temperatures by 3-5 degrees Celsius.

Couldn’t Sony cut another 200 or 300 grams of thermal mass in 2022? Unfortunately we don’t have a definitive answer as we admit it’s too embarrassing to crack. . However, if you check out some slimline-style ODDs that weigh around 150g, it’s highly unlikely that Sony could have cut the weight of this component that much.

(Image credit: Sony)

News about the PS5 console’s lighter weight follows price announcements by Sony distributors around the world. The United States is lucky to have avoided a flurry of increases. In Australia, where we saw these new samples, both models went up by A$50 ($35). Do you need more expensive components to reduce the weight of the console by 200-300g with the latest revision?Sony simply said that “the current global economic environment and the impact on his SIE’s business” was the cause of the price increase. accused of being Neither Microsoft nor Nintendo, at least for now, will follow Sony’s example of price increases.

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