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Spectre Hands-On Preview: Splinter Cell Multiplayer’s Spiritual Successor?

There are some popular multiplayer archetypes in 2022, but one that is particularly lacking is Spy vs. Mercenary. This game type was originally introduced in Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow and was not only a huge hit with fans, but also pushed a large part of Splinter Cell’s identity forward. But with Splinter Cell not seeing a new release in almost a decade, Spies vs. Mercs was largely forgotten..

Developer Symbiosis plans to change that with Specter, a new title that draws direct inspiration from classic multiplayer modes. The build I played definitely felt like a work in progress, but it seemed like a lot of potential for anyone waiting to scratch that itch. And with a few different options to get closer to the objective, we believe Specter will ultimately be able to deliver what Ubisoft can’t.

If you’re not familiar with Spies vs. Mercs, Specter is a team-based objective multiplayer game where each side has different goals. Played from a third-person perspective, Specter is a stealth operative whose goal is to hack every terminal on the map. Reaper, on the other hand, is played from a first-person perspective with one simple goal. Defeat Specter.

If you sneak up behind them, you can grab them, suffocate them, and break their necks.

Both sides have different equipment and abilities in their kits. Since Specters are more passive in achieving their objectives, most of their tools consist of ways to escape or hide from combat, so they have equipment such as flashbangs and cloaks. Wanting to be mean, the Specter doesn’t equip a deadly weapon. Their stun gun can temporarily disable enemy Reapers, but it can also disable cameras, elevators, and laser detection grids. With the right timing, you can even run through and dive through lasers without being detected. But just like the game it was inspired by, he has one way to kill the Reaper. Sneaking up behind them can grab them, suffocate them, and break their necks, but this takes time, so if an enemy teammate sees you, it could end badly for you. I have.

Reaper, on the other hand, is inherently more aggressive. They are strapped with assault rifles, grenades, and flashlights, and can see enemies hiding in the dark. This gives them the Motion Sight ability, allowing them to see the Specter even if it’s cloaked. , Reapers can also freely pass through trip lasers.

Reaper, on the other hand, is inherently more aggressive. They are strapped with assault rifles, grenades and flashlights.

The highlight here is playing as the Specter. Because you have a lot of freedom to attack aim and movement. You can be direct and go straight to your objective, or you can wait patiently to wait for the right moment to neutralize the enemy team. Adds an extra level of fun for people, but they may not be good at them. You can climb higher platforms, use your map, and hide in places like vent tunnels.

But with that in mind, part of what makes playing as the Specter so enjoyable is that playing as the Reaper is also so satisfying. Less, so if you happen to shoot down a Specter cloaking with an assassination motive; that’s a nice touch. Symbiosis really manages to find the right balance of fun no matter which side you’re playing.

I enjoyed my time on Specter, but it feels like a work in progress that needs a little more time to develop. Whether you’re playing Specter or Reaper, the ways you approach your goals are so varied that each round of play feels different, even though you’re playing on the same map. Another big issue with Specter is about Hyundai, which will be released next year. There’s a lot more competition in the multiplayer space these days. Will gamers still want to play Spies vs. Mercs?Time will tell, but hopefully developer his Symbiosis Games will make the answer a very compelling “yes.” there is

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