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Squirrel with a Gun Is Inspired by Yakuza and Shadow of the Colossus

When footage of the indie game Squirrel with a Gun went viral last weekend, games like Untitled Goose Game and Goat Simulator immediately came to mind. But behind the scenes, the creator of Squirrel with a Gun draws inspiration from his two unlikely places: the Yakuza franchise and Shadow of the Colossus.

Squirrel with a Gun is a game that tells you exactly what’s written on the can, featuring a squirrel with a gun. In an interview with IGN, Squirrel with a Gun creator Daniel DeEntremont shared the inspiration for a unique AAA game that tells how the famous squirrel can interact with enemies and the environment.

“In Yakuza, I like all the cinematic heat action that’s a little bit crazy and action. [plays]so I put it in a squirrel,” DeEntremont said.

The heat moves seen in the Yakuza series are cinematic moments of combat, ranging from violent close-up punches to goofy moves like banging someone on the head with a bicycle.

When asked if the game could climb an agent’s pants leg, DeEntremont said he was currently working on adding human climbing to the game. When is finally launched, he can use fighting moves reminiscent of the yakuza Kazuma Kiryu and scale human enemies into colossal creatures like Wonder.

The game has gone viral on social media, but as it is still in the early stages of development, the exact details of the story are still being worked out by the creators.

“The idea is that a squirrel breaks into a top-secret laboratory, happens to grab hold of this important hard drive that happens to be shaped like an acorn, and swallows it. [agents] Follow him through the game. ”

DeEntremont said there was some disagreement over whether the squirrel was just a regular squirrel or had “Jason Bourne powers.” The creators also said they were thinking of changing squirrel skins for other creatures with similar body types, such as ferrets and chipmunks. A cute little outfit like a bomb suit.”

As for weapons, squirrels can wield shotguns, pistols, RPGs, and a few more. can do.

There is currently no release window for Squirrel with a Gun, but you can see some early screenshots of the game. vaporDeEntremont told IGN that he is looking forward to seeing Squirrel with a Gun coming to PlayStation and Nintendo Switch after its initial release on Steam.

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Logan Plant is a freelance writer for IGN. You can find him on Twitter @Logan J Plant.

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