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SSDs in Laptops and Desktops Cost Too Damn Much

Boot drives rarely get attention. The type and capacity of your C: drive greatly affects how fast your system boots, how fast your programs load, and how long you need to tap your toe before actually starting a game.

By default, this is where all programs are installed and files are downloaded. The boot drive is a potentially big bottleneck for everything you do with your operating system. So why are boot drives in most modern PCs still so small? The experience is thankfully a thing of the past.

How far have SSD prices fallen? Intel’s X25-m launched in 2008 with his 80GB model for $595. Ten years later, I bought a Crucial MX500 drive with 25 times the capacity of an Intel drive (2TB) for about a third of that price ($209). Since then, prices have continued to climb, with some of the more affordable 4TB M.2 SSDs often hitting just above the $200 mark.

But even with today’s premium laptops and gaming gear, system sellers (whether boutique builders or well-known PC makers) seem out of touch with the realities of modern pricing and storage needs. often

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