Starbucks Asks for a Suspension of Union Elections

As union activity at Starbucks stores accelerates, Starbucks stepped up efforts to push back on the campaign, asking the National Labor Relations Commission to investigate allegations of misconduct during union voting in the Kansas City area on Monday. .

In a letter to the Labor Relations Commission, Starbucks responded to reports from NLRB employees that there had been unfair coordination between unions and labor unions, notably that some employees had special voting arrangements. and asked to investigate reports that the NLRB provided classified real-time information. Election results for unions. The company has asked its agency to suspend all elections until the allegations are investigated. Additionally, Starbucks has called for all upcoming elections to be completely direct.

The union said the letter was part of the company’s strategy of obstructing elections.The union’s campaign is gaining momentum, with more than 200 victories in more than 250 elections.

“Starbucks is simultaneously claiming to support voter protection and calling for all elections to be canceled nationwide,” said Michelle Eisen, a barista at Elmwood in Buffalo, New York. rice field. “This is hypocrisy at its best.”

In a letter Monday, Starbucks defended the move. A lawyer for the company said, “Starbucks respects the right of our partners to decide for themselves whether they want to be represented in the union.” will be exercised and realized.”

Starbucks has received numerous complaints about procedural issues in various locations, said San Francisco State University professor John Logan. He said Starbucks’ efforts have forced Labor Commission officials to devote time and resources to investigating complaints, some of which were found to be inadequate.

“Complaints and appeals are often the point at Starbucks,” Logan said.

He said the company attributed the bias to procedural problems typical of general elections. I have been to

Tensions between union leaders and the company have increased in recent weeks. Workers, at least in 17 states, where he has gone on strike more than 55 times. For example, starting Monday, six of his Eugene, Oregon stores went on strike.

The NLRB is investigating Starbucks for allegations of misconduct, including closing stores where workers have filed for union elections and firing union leaders and pro-union workers. I deny this.

The company faces more than 200 unfair labor practices charges in 28 states, an unusually high number for a union movement less than a year old, according to Logan.labor dispute between caterpillar For example, the American Auto Workers Union has existed for over six years and has generated hundreds of allegations of unfair practices.

In response to a letter from Starbucks on Monday, the NLRB said it could not comment on the details of the outstanding case.

“Regional staff, and ultimately the Board, will carefully and objectively consider issues raised through these established channels. It includes an opportunity to seek review,” said the Labor Commission.

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