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Starfield Dialogue Trees Revealed in New Video

Dialogue choices are such a big part of any good Bethesda RPG that fans have been wondering what kind of system the developers would implement in Starfield. new video From Bethesda, director Todd Howard shared some details about what to expect in Starfield’s system conversations.

“We’re back to classic Bethesda-style conversation. [system]Howard said, “Looking at the characters and their emotions, there’s a whole set of options out there.”

Howard also talked about the persuasion system, stating that players use points to convince characters to get what they want. In the example shown, he has 4 different dialogue options on the screen, each costing different points. The +1 option was passive and the +5 option was very aggressive. This is in line with what we’ve heard before when Bethesda mentions that his Oblivion dialogue mini-game was the inspiration for Starfield.

Starfield has more branching dialogue paths than any Bethesda game to date. Howard also spoke about the amount of content, stating that the team worked hard to ensure that the conversations had depth despite the sheer number of them.

“The scope of the game, the amount of content we’re creating is a little bit more than it used to be in terms of quests and such,” Howard says. “But the depth of some of this stuff with dialogue … We just crossed 250,000 lines, so that’s a lot of dialogue. But we went through it and the impact was really there. I have.”

For comparison, Bethesda said Skyrim has about 60,000 lines of dialogue, while Fallout 4 has 111,000. As such, Starfield’s current volume of dialogue is over four times that of his in Skyrim.

No exact release date has been set yet, but Starfield is expected to launch in the first half of 2023. For more on Starfield, read our interview with Todd Howard and his review of Starfield’s performance based on what we’ve seen. So far.

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