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Steam Deck 2: Valve Hints at Future of Handheld Gaming PCs

Valve has created excitement among the portable PC gaming community and other tech gadget enthusiasts. free ebook About the steam deck. The eBook provides a sort of history and vision statement for Steam Deck ahead of the device’s launch in Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Among the highlights of the 52-page booklet is the implied confirmation that Steam Deck 2 is on the way (and possibly more). Gaming on Linux highlighted. Also, for those who want to use the latest SteamOS version on his PC, I’m happy to see the generic installer mentioned again.

Most of our readers are familiar with Steam Decks. Moreover, its unique position in the handheld PC gaming market is well established, setting it as a pioneering device in the field. At the same time, PC enthusiasts and gamers are pretty wary of his v1.0 offering, so Steam Deck 2 will unleash a lot of pent-up excitement and demand.

On the final page of Valve’s Steam Deck eBook, we share some of our vision for the future of gaming handhelds and SteamOS. This last section, headlined “The Future: more Steam Decks, more SteamOS” makes it very clear that there will be Steam Deck 2, or whatever it’s called, possibly a further iteration. , is sure to hit here after previous hardware misfired, and seems set to ride a wave.

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There aren’t many real clues in the ebook about the direction Steam Deck’s successor is headed. Nothing was more interesting than discussion of form factors, tech specs, etc. Instead, Valve said it would “follow up on this product with hardware and software improvements and iterations, bringing new versions of Steam Deck to market.” said. PC enthusiasts have always appreciated open platforms, and Valve says it hopes the successor to Steam Deck will be “even more open.”

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