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Stream Deck Goes Wireless With Help From a Raspberry Pi Zero W

if there is one raspberry pi Suitable for adding features to hardware that weren’t there before.Regarding this, it looks like this raspberry pi project Created by the maker known as Mad Patter on Reddit. With his one of our favorite SBCs, the Raspberry Pi Zero W, Mad Patter has successfully dualized. Stream deck setup Complete wireless. This allows you to connect to your Stream Deck rig without the cables being visible (tucked under with Velcro along with the battery pack).

According to Mad Patter, they love using Stream Decks to automate their workflows throughout the day. It’s very convenient to have one he’s within reach, but it’s not so convenient as the cable takes up precious USB ports. After playing with Pwnagotchi (his Pi Zero-based AI project that interfaces using wireless), Mad Patter decided he could use a bit of wireless functionality for the Stream Deck as well.

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