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Street Fighter 6 – The Final Preview

I can’t think of a game that has spent more time on its prerelease than Street Fighter 6. I was lucky enough to play at IGN’s special event after going through ranked matchmaking in two betas late into the night. So I can confidently say that the core combat in Street Fighter 6 is going to be great.

But that’s just the beginning, and a recently released demo gave us a little taste of everything else the full game has to offer. Here are my final impressions of pre-launch Street Fighter 6 to cover, as well as thoughts on one particular character I haven’t been able to play so far.

World tour better than expected

For those who haven’t checked out the PlayStation demo yet, World Tour is Street Fighter 6’s new RPG-like single-player mode that lets you create a fledgling Street Fighter creation and build it into a fierce world warrior. increase. You can take a fight to just about anyone in the street, whether or not you deserve an uppercut to the face. The more you fight, the more EXP you earn for him. This will give you skill points to level up, improve your stats, and add to a fairly deep skill tree.

The build I played at Capcom went over a few chapters where the demo left off, and was able to switch from modern to classic control as soon as it hit the end of the first chapter, making it one of the demo’s biggest The problem was fixed immediately. We appreciate the addition of the modern control scheme and think it’s a great way for newcomers to fighting games to stick with this mode, but being able to play with the traditional classic control scheme makes World Tour feel more natural. became. An expansion of the core game as opposed to the walled-in single-player mode.

World Tour is the perfect atmosphere for Street Fighter story mode.

The thing that struck me the most while playing the first three chapters of the World Tour was that there was so much to do. There was a major questline of searching for Chun-Li in the Chinatown district, but there was some kind of interesting encounter and reward in almost every direction I took in Metro City, so I wasn’t in a hurry to do so. Climbing up, I was able to find a very high level fighter in a superhero costume named Watcher.Of course I had to punch for a combat magazine.A little bit about that ). In addition to fun and goofy NPCs, there are tons of treasure chests containing various valuable items, equippable gear that offers various bonuses, drinks and food that give buffs, and supplements that give permanent stat boosts. bottom. The city itself isn’t huge, but it’s dense and full of character.

And really, that personality goes a long way. World Tour is the perfect atmosphere for Street Fighter story mode. It’s colorful, fun, and doesn’t take itself too seriously, sometimes feeling like a mini version of Yakuzua with an entire clan of goofy gangsters fighting with boxes and TVs on their heads. I hope it does, but even if it doesn’t, there’s at least a lot of fun in just watching a beloved character like Chun-Li act like a real person living in this world.

What I appreciate most about this mode is that it starts by stripping the core gameplay of Street Fighter 6 to its bare essentials, teaching new players the basics by incorporating it into missions with tangible rewards, while also providing This is a method of undoing them one by one. Introduce mechanics at a reasonable pace. At first, you only have Luke’s core moveset and his two special moves, but as you continue playing, you’ll find yourself sparring with Luke, giving him gifts you’ve found in the world, chatting with him, and more. As you develop your relationship with Luke, you will begin to acquire his complete moveset. And this applies to other fighters as well. If you meet Chun-Li, you will be able to deepen your relationship with her and learn about her movements.

World Tour is definitely a mode aimed at newcomers to street fighters and fighting games in general, but even veteran fighting game fans were enthralled by the mode. I love the idea of ​​mixing and matching different characters’ special moves. The world was full of fun things to discover. I had a lot of fun finding my character and equipping it with new gear. Kind of like Devil Wing. It gave a big damage boost, but slowly drained my life.


We also had time for the offline multiplayer suite aka Fighting Grounds. She was my main in Street Fighter 5, so I played as her Cammy most of the time. The core of her Knockdown and Rushdown Her game plan is pretty much the same, with some pretty big changes this time around.

For one, she now has new mechanics involving charging her special moves. Now That’s really cool, but we’re making her feel a little more like a technical character this time around.

Her Hooligan Combos also have some new tricks. She uses an overhead crescent kick that can lead to some nasty combos. You can cancel early and drop it right out of the sky. Of course, there are also options that just sit there and throw you. and block, or hit low with a slide attack (which was also a plus for blocks!) Overall, she’s super cool and I can’t wait to learn how to play her. Plus, Street Fighter 6 has a lot of ways to learn new characters. There are combo trials, an excellent training mode, and a greatly improved character guide that not only explains each move, but also gives advice on how to use them, and an opportunity to practice each lesson. also gives

Street Fighter 6 is shaping up to be a complete package and is arguably the most feature rich Street Fighter game in the early stages of its life cycle. We’ll have to see if it sticks to landing when it hits PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox, and PC on June 2nd.

Mitchell Saltzman is IGN’s Editorial can find him on twitter @jurassic rabbit

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