Strike integrates Tether’s USDT for payments

Digital payments platform Strike has integrated USDT from Tether, a dollar-pegged stablecoin, into its platform.

According to a May 22 press statement shared with crypto slateThis integration aims to enable fast, secure, and efficient payments for Strike users, further increasing the use and adoption of USDT.

Strike is a payment platform based on the Bitcoin Lightning Network that allows users to send BTC anywhere in the world at incredible speeds. By integrating USDT, the money app offers users the opportunity to transfer cryptocurrencies without worrying about volatility.

“By using the Tether stablecoin as an intermediary, users will be able to quickly convert their digital assets into fiat currency, helping to overcome the liquidity challenges that have hitherto hindered adoption. “

Tether CTO Paolo Ardoino said the integration signifies growing acceptance and recognition of stablecoins as a reliable and efficient digital payment solution.

He added, “We believe that this partnership will facilitate the adoption of digital currencies, drive innovation and create a more inclusive financial ecosystem for all.”

Meanwhile, Strike said the move would reshape the landscape of the cryptocurrency industry.It paves the way for seamless digital commerce. “

According to Forbes magazine reportCEO Jack Mullers said the company chose USDT over Circle-backed USDC because people outside the US “don’t trust” Circle.

Availability of strikes

On May 19, Strike CEO Jack Mullers revealed that the company has expanded from its current bases in the United States, El Salvador and Argentina to more than 65 countries.

The company’s CEO has said it will move its headquarters to El Salvador, a Bitcoin-friendly country.

On the other hand, the expansion will open the company to new markets in Africa, Latin America, Eastern Europe, Asia and the Caribbean. Countries where the company is available include Zambia, Antigua and Barbuda and others.

According to the company, the move will expand its reach to about 3 billion people, further boosting the adoption and use of cryptocurrencies around the world.

An article about Strike integrating Tether’s USDT into payments first appeared on CryptoSlate.

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