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Students Build Supercomputer From Jetson Nano Kits

Students at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, put together 16 Nvidia Jetson Nanos to create a “baby supercomputer.” (opens in new tab) It comes with a module, a network switch, some power supplies, and a cooling fan. The resulting cluster is Nvdia Blog, (opens in new tab) It is a size that can be placed on a desk and can be used as an educational tool.

(Image credit: Nvidia)

Built from scratch in 4 months by 2 students after receiving a small grant to create a Jetson cluster. The student also handcrafted an acrylic case, over 60 interconnecting cables, and a power supply to learn about her wire stripping. Networking on the way, and a laser cutter. (There was only one small fire.) The computer was born as a collection of Jetson Nano modules sprawled out on your desk, using cardboard boxes as “heat sinks,” but the 3D vector files that feed the lasers. was upgraded to the current neat acrylic case. A cutter in the university’s makerspace.

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