‘Succession’: 5 Questions We Have Heading Into the Finale

With a few exceptions, HBO’s hit series Succession follows the ultra-privileged Roy brothers as they attempt to replace their late father, Logan (Brian Cox), for the top spot in “Learning Without Hugs.” It follows the “Seinfeld” model of “None”. Waystar Royco of the Media Empire.

For some reason, despite their narcissism, recklessness, and alarming lack of personal growth, we really care what happens to them and their retinue anyway. Who will emerge victorious? And what are the personal costs?

Well, with the 90-minute series finale set to air on Sunday, the long corporate deathmatch is coming to an end, and it looks like we’re poised to get some answers. But before that, the show still has a lot of questions to answer.

Could an oversized conclusion cover them all?

Kendall and Roman Roy (Jeremy Strong and Kieran Culkin), in hopes of securing a leadership position for themselves, tell Waystar’s right-wing news network ATN that far-right presidential candidate Jerry Menken (Justin Kirk) ) to call for victory. Crush the GoJo deal. But the burning of the Milwaukee ballot means the election is still in dispute and Democratic candidate Daniel Jimenez (Elliot Villar) still has the right to win the White House. are doing. How long will the count last? Can you find a solution?

Whatever the outcome, Waystar’s top team is vulnerable. If the Roys’ motives for calling Mr. Menken’s election come to light, ATN may not be able to survive. (But the real-world parallels suggest it’s possible.) Perhaps no one is as weak as Tom. He may be in danger of becoming a sacrificial lamb again, as head of ATN, he narrowly escaped that fate while on the company’s cruise line. scandal.

The finale may require a significant time jump to finish it all off. What about the lasting damage of attacks on American democracy? This may be difficult to parse out for every TV episode.

Logan once said life is “a fight over knives in the mud.” If his kids want to take control of the company born of Waystar and GoJo’s negotiations, or take it back from tech mogul Lucas Mattson (Alexander Skarsgard), they need to escalate their efforts quickly. (Bring guns for knife fights).

The Roy brothers do not have stable positions or strong defenders. Kendall figured that helping Menken would ensure that he later helped block the Gojo sale so Roy’s children could keep the company going. But Menken seems intent on ignoring that promise. And Menken doesn’t seem to respect either opinion. Joint CE Bros: After a meltdown at Logan’s funeral, Roman lost whatever currency he had. (Menken calls him a “stern cryer.”) Kendall lost him for his relentless approach to negotiations.

As it stands, Menken is considering approving Gojo’s takeover of Waystar if an American CEO takes over and neither of his brothers is shortlisted for Mattson. She thinks her sister Shiv (Sarah Snook) is the same, but Mattson disagrees. If Mattson only wants useful pawns, he’s looking to the dedicated, flexible loyalty Tom (Matthew Macfadyen) or the manipulative Greg (Nicholas Braun). Maybe.

No matter how the deal is finalized, there is no guarantee that Mattson and the board will want a member of the Roy family. They have good reasons not to. Given family infighting and hasty decision-making, the board may decide to appoint a person with practical experience. Jeri (J. Smith Cameron) or Stewie (Ariane Moeyed).

Put another way, is Shivorce off? Put another way, can Shiv have it all, i.e. can he have a strong career? and functional family? Whatever she does, she may need to set and work towards some goals. She’s so busy switching between different positions that it’s hard for her to know where she really stands.

For example, does Shiv really have that much distaste for Menken? Or will her values ​​lean left only if it does not interfere with her personal interests? Does Shiv only want a deal with GoJo if he can take over as chief executive, or will he stand by it under other leadership? Assure Mattson that it’s not a problem. She would, in her own words, put the child up for adoption. But does she really want to follow in her neglectful and abusive father’s footsteps?

Shiv must make these decisions about who she wants to be and what kind of parent she wants to be before considering reconciling with her estranged husband Tom. Otherwise, their relationship will be doomed by its toxic dynamics, but the business-political game works.

each season finale So far, Kendall has had to come to terms with the drowning of a waiter at his sister’s wedding. No news of his involvement has been made public yet. Whether or when that will happen is going to be a hoot, but at the moment the ‘when’ seems more likely than the ‘if’.

His brothers know the truth. He confessed to them at the end of season three. Cousin Greg also knows some details, as he was the one who brought Kendall and the waiter together. And Marcia (Hiam Abbas) and his son Amir (Darius Homayoun), who were present shortly after the accident, threaten Kendall’s alibi.

And then there’s Logan’s former bodyguard, Colin (Scott Nicholson), who helped cover it up. This may be why Kendall was so worried when he learned Colin was in therapy in Episode 9, and why he felt the need to let him know what he knew. We haven’t heard much about podcasts investigating the Roy family curse lately, but we should remember that no matter what non-disclosure agreements are in place, secrets can be leaked.

Cousin Greg, a.k.a. ‘Bad Brother’, sold his soul long ago, and it gave him time to meet some of the most important people in the world. But do any of them respect him? (We can answer that ourselves: “No.”)

Perhaps their and our disregard for Greg could be part of the “inheritance” point. He defines failure upwards. Initially, his defenseless meekness made him a good spectator substitute, and his mediocrity a good source of comedy. But then he began to master the skills of intimidation, perjury, and betrayal, all of which are essential in this hopeless world of constant ambition. He is now invited to every party, but no one seems to want him there.

This season, he took it to the next level by facilitating ATN’s premature election call. Even if everything blows up, it seems unlikely he’ll fall down with Tom because he knows where bodies are buried dating back to when Tom ran the cruise division.

If Mattson succeeds, he might see the advantage of having Roy’s less argumentative ally than Kendall, Roman and Shiv: Roy he can control. At the very least, Mattson and Greg are well over six feet tall, so they’d be more effective in a photo together. A leader’s position is determined by less.

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