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Super Mario 64 Speedrunner Smashes His Own World Record for a 16 Star Run

The famous Super Mario 64 Speed ​​Runner broke the world record for 16 star runs and clocked a time of 14:35.50 to secure the top spot on the leaderboard for this particular challenge.

Speedrunner Suigi achieved a world record 16 star run in Super Mario 64 in just over 14 minutes and 35 seconds.he shared his achievements Youtube and celebrate the victory twitterwrites: “First 14:3X, undisputed world record.”

as shown in Suigi’s latest 16-star run in Super Mario 64 put him at the top of the global leaderboard in this category by a large margin. 53.45.

The record-breaking result was acknowledged by viewers, with one person commenting on the YouTube video: And another addition: “Already had a commanding lead in this category, but then ruined his best time by six seconds. This is SM64’s GOAT run. Nothing comes close.”

Suigi added the stats to his Twitter bio, along with other Super Mario 64 records, including the feat he accomplished last week. For the one-star run he completed in 6:58.35, becoming the first person in the world to complete the challenge in less than seven minutes.

Super Mario 64 is regarded by many as one of the games that pioneered the 3D era. But beneath the surface is a web of glitches and skips that make the game a speedrunning delight, along with some insane tricks speedrunners use when trying to break records.

Adele Ankers-Range is a freelance entertainment writer at IGN. Follow her on Twitter.

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