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Survey Shows Consumers Still Plan to Buy Gadgets, Despite Inflation

According to a survey conducted by , consumers are still concerned about the rising cost of living, but are still determined to buy the gadgets they need. tech radar, is one of our sister sites. In addition to announcing the survey results, TechRadar today also launched a major redesign and rebranding aimed at highlighting the company’s ability to help readers find the right product at the right price. .

The survey was conducted with 13,797 UK and US consumers over four periods from May 2022 to March 2023 and included 2,319 respondents who were TechRadar readers. Opinion polls show that people in both countries are planning or have already changed their spending habits to save money. Of respondents who read TechRadar, 50% in both countries reported reducing their streaming subscriptions, while 47% and 38% in the UK and US, respectively, said they ate out less often.

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