SushiSwap releases plan to return user funds stolen in $3.3M hack

SushiSwap, which was hacked over the weekend, release Plans to return funds to all affected users.

According to the decentralized exchange, user funds were either “wiped out by white-hat security teams” or “lost by black-hat hackers.” If the funds are included in the whitehat contract, it means that the security team has recovered the funds and you will be able to claim them. SushiSwap creates a Merkle-Her Claims contract to return recovered funds to the user’s wallet.

However, if funds are behind on the Blackhat contract, the user will have to wait for a refund. This is because decentralized exchanges must manually verify the legitimacy of each claim through on-chain data analysis for each claim and make payments accordingly.

The decentralized exchange notes that users who haven’t interacted with the protocol in the last 10 days are likely unaffected by the hack. Nevertheless, the team urged users to confirm authorization as a security measure.

On April 9th, SushiSwap was exploited through an authorization-related bug in the RouterProcessor2 contract. Assets of users who accepted vulnerable contracts were stolen, resulting in a total loss of approximately $3.3 million.

One of the attackers returned 90 ETH stolen in the attack, and security firm BlockSec recovered another 100 ETH.

It first appeared on CryptoSlate after SushiSwap announced plans to return stolen user funds in a $3.3 million hack.

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