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System Shock Remake: The First Preview

System Shock is a very influential game. Thanks to a successful Kickstarter, the original is getting a modern remake from scratch. Thanks to the lingering sci-fi vibe and breathtaking surroundings, it gave me a sense of what it was like. Even if the moment-to-moment gameplay wasn’t as engaging as I had hoped.

For those like me unfamiliar with System Shock, the first-person sci-fi action-adventure explores the space base known as Citadel Station. You will be a hacker in the near future who will make a deal with a company called Tri0ptimum to receive a neural implant after removing the ethical restraints on his SHODAN, the station’s artificial intelligence. After waking up from a manipulative coma, you are the husk of what once was, as the station has taken full control of Shodan.

From the beginning, my demonstration started on the medical floor of the station. System Shock falls into his first-person action-adventure game category, but by modern standards it plays like a survival game that rivals Resident Evil. Few items have an actual purpose, whether it’s pistol ammo or a medical patch to keep me comfortable. I raked up a few objects that I could technically pick up but didn’t serve any practical purpose. This tended to be frustrating as I didn’t know if it was useful until I got it and browsed my inventory. It felt more like a chore and a waste of time.

The lack of lighting and the occasional corpse of a station worker provided an atmosphere of ominous horror.

Many of the rooms I passed through felt purposefully cramped and claustrophobic, with no lighting and the occasional corpse of a station worker lending an atmosphere of ominous horror. Found some puzzles to find missing door codes, rewired power lines, and unlocked new areas. However, this did not stop me from experiencing such beautiful visual moments as I looked out the window and saw Saturn.

The robots on board are of course controlled by Shodan, including a scorpion bot with a flamethrower on its tail. We also come across what we believe to be mutated humanoids prowling the station. Finding out what these creatures are, and what happened during the six months I slept, and how the Citadel Station came to be this way was the first time I felt this world and It’s one of the main reasons I fell in love with the story.

There’s controller support when System Shock finally launches, but the HUD and controls feel like they’re meant to be played with a keyboard, just like the original. So playing with a controller was not an easy solution. I’m curious to see how the finished product adapts to controller play.

In the short time I spent on System Shock Remake, I found Citadel Station to feel like a character in its own right. Whether you’re a fan wanting to revisit this classic or someone completely new to it, keep this anticipated remake on your radar and look forward to next year’s 3 We recommend that you prepare to visit the Citadel Station on the moon.

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