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Tachyum’s First CPUs Are Late, But It Plans 20 ExaFLOPS Supercomputer With Next-Gen CPUs Anyway

For three years, Tachyum has been promoting its Prodigy universal processor, promising to outperform CPUs and GPUs from the likes of AMD, Intel, and Nvidia. However, even though the chip was manufactured, it still isn’t. Originally, full-scale production was scheduled to begin in 2021Now the company looks forward. Selling a Prodigy 2-based supercomputer design It promises a performance of 20 ExaFLOPS in 2025-2026.

of Tachium supercomputer design According to the company, it aims to deliver a performance of 20 FP64 vector ExaFLOPS and 10 AI (INT8 or FP8) ZetaFLOPS within a power target of 60MW in a 6,000 square foot footprint in 2025. The machine uses 64 of his Prodigy 2-based cabinets and 16 of his racks of storage, but Tachyum calculated how many of his Prodigy 2 processors would be needed to achieve this much performance. .

Tachyum also says it can build a supercomputer that delivers 73.8MW consuming 24.9 FP64 vector ExaFLOPS and 13.27 AI ZettaFLOPS. To put the numbers into context, the upcoming El Capitan supercomputer powered by AMD’s Instinct MI300 data center APU is set to deliver around 2 FP64 ExaFLOPS.

(Image credit: Tachium)

Last year, the U.S. Department of Energy expressed interest in procuring 20 ExaFLOPS supercomputers with power consumption ranging from 20MW to 60MW by 2025. The company’s original his Prodigy failed to meet his Tachyum’s performance goals (which is why it sued Cadence), so the company decided to put a second-generation version of his Prodigy (which the company had previously talked about) into the machine. It was reasonable to assume it would.

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