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Taiwan Security Bureau: No Need to Destroy TSMC’s Fabs If China Invades

Taiwan’s semiconductor manufacturing capabilities may be one of the reasons China is invading the island and seizing fabs belonging to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., United Microelectronics and Micron. One potential response to such a plan could be to evacuate personnel and destroy the fab, suggests Parameters, a recent top U.S. military publication. However, according to Taiwan’s National Security Administration, this may not be necessary.

TSMC needs state-of-the-art chip manufacturing equipment from companies such as ASML, Applied Materials and KLA to build chips using cutting-edge process technology. Even if China invaded the islands and occupied TSMC’s fabs without access to advanced equipment and ultra-pure raw materials, China would not only continue to develop cutting-edge manufacturing nodes, but would also continue to produce with current technology. It is impossible to maintain without interruption.

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