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Team Ninja Announces Open World Samurai Game, Rise of the Ronin

Team Ninja has announced that their next game, Rise of the Ronin, will be released in 2024 exclusively for the PS5 console.

The debut trailer was an open-world game set in the modernization era of Japan after the arrival of Commodore Perry. The protagonist, an unnamed ronin, is seen traversing Japan, jumping from buildings, and using gliders.

Set at the end of the Edo period in Japan in the late 19th century, Rise of the Ronin is set in a tumultuous time of civil war between the shogunate and anti-shogunate forces. You will become a ronin, a warrior without a soul.

Players will be able to use both swords and newer weapons such as firearms that entered Japan during this period. The developers call this time “the darkest and ugliest chapter” in Japanese history and hope to introduce this new era in Japan.

Koei Tecmo also promised a “multi-layered story” that introduces the end of the Edo period, with each character the player encounters having its own “brand of justice and motives”.

Check out IGN’s full roundup for new announcements from State of Play today.

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