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TeamGroup Aims to Push DDR5 Kits Above 9,000 MT/S With Signal-Boosting Tech

Be prepared for shiny new DDR5 memory kits to feel slow and dated. His TeamGroup, a memory and storage workhorse, claims to have found a way to: Taking DDR5 signal speeds and reliability to new levels With the help of new components from Renesas Electronics.

According to TeamGroup, a client clock driver (CKD) will be included in upcoming DDR5 kits to “strengthen, buffer, and stably output high-frequency signals from the CPU to the memory kits,” the company said. A more reliable frequency. Renesas says this is the first clock driver used in consumer DIMMs.Perhaps in the near future one of these CKD kits will Best RAM for Gaming page.

The technical details of CKD and when we will see kits with this technology are very slim at this point. However, according to TeamGroup’s press release (and images released with it), the CKD-equipped kit will come first as his DDR5-6400 option in his JEDEC standard, with faster options coming later this year. seems to The company says that with the addition of the client clock driver, TeamGroup can “achieve frequencies of over 9,000MHz with OC memory, providing gamers with ultra-fast gaming experiences and providing creators with reliable, high-performance information processing solutions.” I hope that it will be useful to the .”

Obviously, don’t expect these groundbreaking memory kits to hit the general affordable realm. His 32GB DDR5-7800 option, which is believed to be the fastest available right now, is priced at around $400, making it unlikely that the addition of new hardware will bring down the price of the high-end kit.

However, more and faster top-end options could help lower the price of mainstream DDR5 options while increasing speeds. This is good news for both consumers, especially AMD, who are looking to move to the latest memory standards. That’s because Intel’s 13th Gen CPUs support both the older (and still much cheaper) DDR4, while AMD is going all-out with his DDR5 in his Ryzen 7000. Debate if you care about getting the most performance for your money.

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