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TeamGroup Says Its PS5 M.2 Heatsink Reduces Temps By 25C

At Computex, Teamgroup touted a new PS5 M.2 heatsink that could significantly improve the heat of Best SSD for PlayStation 5. Teamgroup says that the TForce AL1 heatsink replaces the rear shroud of his M.2 expansion slot on his PS5 and significantly improves SSD heat. up to 25°C.

The heatsink is made of aluminum and coated with a matte black finish that matches the matte black panel behind the PS5’s white cover. The heatsink utilizes the active cooling of the PS5 expansion slot provided by the main CPU/SoC fan, the heatsink itself replaces his SSD cover on his PS5 and is outside the PS5 enclosure so it absorbs more air. To do. The extra width and depth of the heatsink therefore provides a significant advantage over standard M.2 coolers.

Teamgroup advertises a 12-25 degree reduction in thermal temperatures with the AL1 heatsink. This greatly improves the thermal headroom of any SSD. This should give the underperforming SSD enough headroom to reach the PlayStation 5’s peak performance for an extended period of time. The M.2 expansion slot is also powered by the same fan, which reduces the temperature by up to 25 degrees, which also reduces the heat exhausted by the PS5’s CPU/SoC.

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The AL1 heatsink measures 127 x 65.5 x 13.5 mm and weighs 78 grams. Obviously, if you’re installing this heatsink on your PlayStation 5, you don’t need to check these measurements. PS5 supports 2230, 2242, 2260, 2280, and 22110.

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