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TeamGroup T-Force Delta RGB DDR5-7200 C34 Review: Overclocker’s Delight

Delta’s new RGB DDR5-7200 comes with the kind of advances you’d expect from what’s fast becoming a mature technology. It takes time for new technology to spread. Intel was one step ahead of rival AMD when it adopted his DDR5 memory early on its mainstream platforms. Intel already had him DDR5 since his Alder Lake. Raptor Lake is therefore the chipmaker’s second generation consumer chip that has checked in with DDR5 support. AMD, on the other hand, recently made the transition with its Zen 4 processors. With his first generation under Intel’s belt, we can understand why Raptor Lake processors have higher headroom to support ultra-fast DDR5 memory kits.

Memory vendors have made great strides with DDR5. Thanks to Intel’s Raptor Lake products, the manufacturer was able to push his DDR5 speed limits. As a result, memory kits between DDR5-7000 and DDR5-8000 are now hitting the retail market. TeamGroup’s Delta RGB DDR5 memory portfolio offers a range of data rates, but in this review we’ll evaluate the company’s Delta RGB DDR5-7200 C34 memory kit and see if it’s right for you.

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