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Tears of the Kingdom Player Makes a Vehicle Powered By Frozen Meat

In The Legend of Zelda: Kingdom of Tears, we’ve seen a lot of cool Zonai-powered vehicles, and we’ve seen some incredible electrical powered devices. But what about meat-powered vehicles?

Reddit user u/Superruub61 posted today on the Hyrule Engineering subreddit They called it “another breakthrough in advanced ultra-futuristic technology that no one thought was possible.” Attached is a 23-second video of Link riding a cart made from Ultra Hand’s four triangular platforms, with a shard of “ice flesh” attached to the bottom. is. When Link hits the side of the cart, the force propels it forward, and the frozen meat on the bottom keeps it skating long distances.

Unfortunately, the frozen meat cart doesn’t have wheels or a stick, so it can’t be specially steered, but it’s a very simple device that seems to be able to move over flat terrain at acceptable speeds. But most importantly, no zonai or power usage at all. You don’t need a single battery or fancy electric motor to keep this Frozen Meatmobile running forever.

Tears of the Meatmobile of the Kingdom. Credit: Superruub61

Unpowered vehicles could be the next big thing for the Tears of the Kingdom community – u/bozokartoffl3 previously said Interesting non-powered raft Although it has the same maneuverability as a meat cart, it can move on water at a reasonable speed. But what makes both of these vehicles possible is a very special building material: the railing. Found only in very specific locations in Tears of the Kingdom, these extremely lightweight platforms are endowed with unusual properties such as slow falling speed, abnormal buoyancy, and persistence even when created by autobuilds. and are ideal for: bizarre architectural experiment.

As some fans on Twitter discovered, Icy Meat has other uses as well.

Players in Tears of the Kingdom have really come a long way by simply building longer and longer bridges to solve problems. We’ve seen helicopters that can fly indefinitely, and even got the developers of the Kerbal Space Program 2 to launch Korok into orbit with us.

For all your help with Tears of the Kingdom, check out our Tears of the Kingdom walkthrough and our guide to getting through Hyrule. In fact, you can start here.

Rebekah Valentine is IGN’s Senior Reporter. you can find her on her twitter @duck valentine.

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