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Tears of the Kingdom Players Are Hunting for a Major Missing Breath of the Wild Character

The Legend of Zelda: Kingdom of Tears has been released to the world, and everyone is slowly exploring its vast world and story, and along the way, fans returning for their second adventure following Breath of the Wild. Meet your favorite characters. . The trailer alone features Link and Zelda (of course) alongside Prince Sidon, Riju, and Turin, plus many more characters in-game. But “Breath of the Wild” has one main cast who appears to be MIA, and fans are trying to track them down.

WARNING: Spoilers for potentially missing characters in Tears of the Kingdom and their role in Breath of the Wild follow below the video. Read on at your own risk!

It’s Kass, the Rito bard who played a key role in Breath of the Wild’s big sidequest and also starred in the DLC Ballad of Champions. In summary, Kass was very distinctive as he could be found throughout Hyrule in Breath of the Wild, always playing an accordion that could be heard from afar. Using his songs as clues, players were able to find hidden shrines, and finding them all resulted in a small additional scene of Kass and his family back in Rito’s village. In “Champions His Ballad,” Cass guides Link around Hyrule with song as he explores the remaining mysteries surrounding his Divine Beast. For someone who played such a big role in Breath of the Wild, it’s a big omission to keep him out of Tears of the Kingdom.

What makes this even weirder is that Tears of the Kingdom seems to ignore Kass’ existence almost completely. His wife and children are still playing in Rito Village, but they don’t seem to admit that he’s not around – only a line of children mentions “Dad” and his The name was never mentioned. Kass is mentioned a second time by his companion Rito at the end of a highly spoilerish side quest, but again not by his name, but simply as a famous bard. And finally, the photo Kass gives Link at the end of his DLC in Breath of the Wild is seen at Link’s house if the player has his save file of completing his DLC on his Switch can do. So what is going on here?

As of now, no one knows. Considering how huge Tears of the Kingdom is, Kass teeth It’s just somewhere in the game and hasn’t been found yet, but it’s going to be a hell of a secret. Another possibility fans have speculated is that Kass will be postponed to an upcoming DLC, but Nintendo has yet to confirm such a content update for Tears of the Kingdom. But on the other hand, many Kass lovers, after many musical adventures with them, mourn that their beloved bard friend is MIA from Tears of the Kingdom. We hope to get more Kass content confirmed here soon, hopefully.

For all your help with Tears of the Kingdom, check out our Tears of the Kingdom walkthrough and our guide to getting through Hyrule. In fact, you can start here.

Rebekah Valentine is IGN’s Senior Reporter. you can find her on her twitter @duck valentine.

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