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The 1000th Pokémon Has Been Revealed At Last

Game Freak is finally here. As of Pokemon Scarlet Violet, there are over 1000 Pokemon.

Pokemon Sword and Shield and its DLC bring the total to 905, and the addition of Scarlet and Violet capped that number at a whopping 1008. These traces do not count regional variants, such as the new variant of Wooper in the Pardea region, but do count the evolution of new regions, assuming they have different names than others.

So who is the 1000th Pokemon?After all, Game Freak very They knew they were designing a monster with the outstanding honor of number 1000, so they leaned into it a bit.

WARNING: Under this video, you will spoil Pokemon number 1000. If you don’t want to know, don’t scroll further.

Who is the 1000th Pokemon? It’s…Gholdengo!

Yes, he looks like a grain mascot. But listen. Goldengo is a charming little man and a fun pick for Pokemon 1000. He evolves from Gimmigul, a Ghost Pokémon that haunts treasure chests and pulls mimetic-style pranks on unsuspecting Trainers all over Pardea. When killed or captured, Gimmigul drops his coin. Gimmigul Coins can also be found while traveling in this region. For Gimmiguru to evolve into Goldengo on his next level up, he needs 1000 of these Gimmiguru Coins. This is a clear nod to his Gholdengo status as the 1000th Pokémon.

Gholdengo’s Pokedex entry is also proof that Game Freak loves this amazing little guy. At least in Scarlett it says:

It seems that the body is made of 1000 coins. A Pokémon that is friendly and can quickly become friends with anyone.

Plus, the Pokédex covers are incredible. It shows him surfing on a coin skateboard.

We are big fans of Gholdengo. Congrats, Goldengo, for being the 1,000th Pokemon. I can’t wait to see what Game Freak does with number 2000! [Editor’s Note: Pokemon 2000… I liked that movie – Kat Bailey].

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Rebekah Valentine is a news reporter for IGN. you can find her on her twitter @duck valentine.

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