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The 12 Shortest Open World Games to Play in 2023

There’s nothing like the feeling of being immersed in an open world game. Whether it’s the sprawling Wild West or the sprawling magical world, there’s a lot to take in, explore, and interact with. Until now, more exciting new games are coming. But diving into a new open-world game often requires ample time to complete it. It’s helpful to know that if he can’t spend 50 hours on a new save, he’ll play a short open-world game. It doesn’t take up much of your time.

For this list, we’ve collected the top 12 shortest open world games. how much to beat, to help you find something quickly. These games vary in length from just over an hour to around seven hours to complete the main story. They also offer a range of experiences, from short, sweet indies to stellar, action-packed expansions of games you already know and love.From the shortest open-world game on How Long to Beat’s site Starting off, here’s a list of the 12 shortest open world games to play in 2023.

  • Beating time: Main story averages 1 hour 20 minutes
  • platform: available on computerPlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita (Note: Not on the PS Store unfortunately)

If you have an hour to kill and are looking for an easy way to kill time, then look no further than Proteus. In this game, all you have to do is walk around, listen to the sounds of the world around you, and watch the seasons change.our review He called it “a delightful experiment of exploration from start to finish, even if it is of a very short duration”. It is explained that there is This is perfect for those who just want to sit back, relax, and enjoy the pixelated scenery.

  • Beating time: Main story averages 1 hour 29 minutes
  • platform: available on computer

Similar to a simple (and very short) open world game, Copoka is a small indie game that takes you on a journey where you play as a bird flying around cities. You can also hear the conversations unfolding in the city below, but it’s mostly for flying around and exploring. , can easily be crossed off the list in the evening.

From birds to lynx, Shelter 2 lets you play as a mother lynx trying to protect her baby lynx in the snowy wilderness. Boasting a beautiful art style and a huge open world to explore, it takes about two hours to complete the main story. However, if you want to be a perfectionist, it takes (on average) 13 hours or more to complete everything.

  • Beating time: Main story averages 2 hours 14 minutes
  • platform: available on Mac, computer, Xbox One

Ever wanted to be a dog photographer? I mean, who wouldn’t want to be? Thankfully, Pupperazzi gives us the opportunity to do just that. Build your career as you roam the open world and take pictures of every cute puppy you come across. It’s also quickplay, taking an average of just over two hours to complete the main story, so you can easily spend an evening honing your photography skills while petting a cute dog.

Also, if you want to leave the world of dog photography behind, you might be interested in a game like Sludge Life where you play as a tagger called Ghost. In this game, your open-world playground is a polluted island that you can explore and make a name for yourself. It only takes about two and a half hours to complete the main story, but close to five hours if you want to complete everything Sludge Life has to offer.

If you’re tired of the pollution in Sludge Life, you can find some fresh air in Grow Home. It’s a sweet, short little game where you play as a robot named BUD (short for Botanical Utility Droid) on a mission to save your home planet.Upon release, our review stated that it was “not particularly long, dense or deep”, but that it was “perfectly comfortable and fun to play in its own right”. The main his story takes him just over two and a half hours and about eight hours to reach 100%, so it doesn’t take much to complete.

  • Beating time: Main story averages 3 hours 12 minutes
  • platform: available on computer

Wanting to explore more planets, Lost Nova follows a young adventurer named Mia. Mia crash-lands on an alien planet and finds a ship in need of repair. Throughout the game, explore planets, make new friends, collect materials, craft, and trade to repair ships. It takes him just over three hours to complete the main story. If you want to see everything Lost Nova has to offer, allow about 7 hours.

If adorable characters easily get you hooked, then you’ll love the famous Lil Gator from Lil Gator Game. In this ridiculously cute adventure game, you can roam a tiny island, make new friends, and defeat cardboard villains that get in your was even us IGN Plus Game of the Month March! It only takes about 3 1/2 hours to complete the main story, but if you want a full 100% playthrough, it will take you just over 5 hours.

If you want an open world game many Check out Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, which needs more action than the Lil Gator Game. This standalone expansion for Far Cry 3 is our review “No sane person would make something as stupid as Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, so I’m glad the people at Ubisoft are a little out of their minds.” Now play as Sergeant Rex “Power” Colt and save the world. It takes just over four and a half hours for the main story, and about nine hours to complete the whole thing.

No Straight Roads: Encore Edition isn’t as action-oriented as Far Cry, but it does offer exciting gameplay. This little game drops you into Vinyl City, where he forms a rock band to defeat the EDM empire, NSR. It also features rhythm-filled combat that keeps you on your toes as you fight bosses in each district. It takes about 5 hours to complete the main story. It takes about 24 hours to complete this band fight to his 100% completion.

In keeping with the action genre, Retro City Rampage DX has a lot to offer, but in an 8-bit format. The game parodies games like the Grand Theft Auto series, complete with a full story mode, over 60 missions, over 40 arcade challenges, and more. It’s a big world to explore, but it doesn’t take much time. The main story takes about 5.5 hours, but 100% completion takes about 18.5 hours.

  • Beating time: Main story averages 7 hours 11 minutes
  • platform: available on PlayStation 4

The remake of 2005’s Shadow of the Colossus is a great open-world game that’s a must-see for anyone looking for a short, thrilling game. Upon release he scored a 9.7. reviewer calling it “outstanding” due to “improved controls, performance, and pure graphical beauty”. That main story takes him just over 7 hours to complete, but if you want to get into a full completionist playthrough, it takes about 26 hours.

Best Reviewed Short Open World Game

It’s rare to find a game as high as Shadow of the Colossus’ 9.7, but there are other games on this list that still get high review scores. Proteus, for example, scored his 8.5 from us and was hailed as a “beautiful break from gaming tradition.” Grow Home is another game he scored an 8.8 for “charming characters, pleasing physics and satisfying controls”.

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon also received critical acclaim in the form of an 8, with reviewers calling it “a nutty, hilarious shooter you deserve to play.” This expansion is still one of his best Far Cry games and a beloved one in the franchise, so it’s well worth your time playing it.

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