The Best of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Openers

You’ve probably heard that Taylor Swift is currently on tour.

I’m a child Of course, you’ve heard of the Eras Tour. It’s a record-breaking cultural juggernaut that nearly defeated Ticketmaster. Concerts he started in March, but the heat of the Eras tour shows no signs of slowing down. Fans have a front row wedding.the whole city Temporarily renamed In honor of Swift. People camp all night just to buy goods.a lavender haze formally descended into the nation.

For today’s playlist, however, let’s focus on a less-discussed aspect of this tour. It’s the strength, versatility, and occasional surprise of Swift’s opening act.

Nine artists accompany Swift at every stop on the tour, with two performing per night. This adds a bit of novelty to each performance, and sometimes a fun regional element. (Haim, the San Fernando Valley darling, has only West Coast dates. The up-and-coming indie rocker beabadoobee is a welcome surprise.) Others like Gen Z singer-songwriter Gracie Abrams and The Girl in Red represent Swift’s artistic offspring. Both cite Swift’s music as their own formative influence and share her keen eye for emotional detail.

This playlist collects some of the best songs from my favorite Swift opening artists, plus one featuring a cameo from Swift himself. Her tour includes teenage prodigy Gail (her viral hit “Abdev” You’ve heard it already) and Christian Owens, a former Swift backup dancer who has released several songs under the name Owenn.

Even if you’re not into Swiftie much, this playlist will explore the influence of ’90s pop-rock on younger generations of artists and first warm day of the yearTo that end, we field-tested it on a long walk in the middle of this wonderful week in New York and found it to be quite adequate.

Also: Thanks to the many submissions that suggested their favorite workout songs! Some of them will appear in Tuesday’s newsletter. If you have any more recommendations, you can submit them here.

As you read, listen here on Spotify.

Is this song the clearest expression of Sheryl Crow’s influence on millennial musicians? Is it the best song on Haim’s sprawling and stunning 2020 album Women in Music Part III? Haim the splendor of performance I’m ready to discuss all of these questions with this song at the 2021 Grammy Awards. (listen on youtube)

Filipino-British singer-songwriter beabadoobee’s latest release, ‘Beatopia’, has some great songs, but it was this amazing single from 2020 that first made me a fan. She was born in the year 2000, but in the 90s she was underground like Slumberland Records. It shows that you fully understand the (A “Best of Slumberland Records” playlist in a future article on The Amplifier? Now I have an idea.) (listen on youtube)

Get two Eras Tour openers for the price of one. Muna’s her 2022 self, her favorite song from his title album, is pure pop bliss and a refreshing reverie of queer joy. (For groups played At Coachella last weekend, not only Bridgers but two other members of supergroup Boygenius, Lucy Dacas and Julian Baker, wowed the crowd. ) (listen on youtube)

It’s the underrated highlight of Paramore’s latest album, This Is Why. Hayley Williams’ vocals in the chorus give me a serious Alanis Morissette vibe. (listen on youtube)

I like the dramatic pause Gracie Abrams takes towards the end of this line. Also, she always appreciates heartbreaking songs for which the singer is heartbreakingly responsible. “Best” is Abrams’ 2023 debut her studio album, Good Riddance. cum producer Aaron worked with her Dessner. (listen on youtube)

Since she began posting songs online as a teenager, Norwegian singer-songwriter Marie Ulven Linheim, now 24, has built a devoted fan base that clings to her anger and sharply observed words. .She had a girl from the red album ‘If I Could Make It Go Quiet’ when Swift told her Instagram followers “on repeat” In 2021, this was the track she was listening to. (listen on youtube)

Released in June 2020, Bridgers’ Punisher will remain one of the albums that, for me, defines the surreal solitude of the summer of the first pandemic. Over the years, I’ve cycled through several different favorite tracks. First “Moon Song”, then “Garden Song”. But if you asked me today, I would say “Chinese Satellite”. The moment when Bridgers’ bitter numbness is suddenly replaced by a rush of earnestness as she sings, “If I mean seeing you when I’m dead, I’ll stand in the corner, picket It’s embarrassing to sign” . (listen on youtube)

Is ‘The Steps’ the best song on ‘Women in Music Part III’? The final twist on this playlist is that it might actually be ‘Gasoline’. And given the confidence she brings to this remix’s guest verse, it feels like Swift agrees with me. taste! (listen on youtube)

What’s wrong? No need to ask.


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‘The Best of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Openers’ tracklist
Track 1: Haim “The Steps”
Track 2: Beeba Doo Bee “Care”
Track 3: Muna featuring Phoebe Bridgers “Silk Chiffon”
Track 4: Paramore “Crave”
Track 5: Gracie Abrams “Best”
Track 6: girl in red “I’ll Call You Mine”
Track 7: Phoebe Bridgers “Chinese Satellite”
Track 8: Haim featuring Taylor Swift “Gasoline (Remix)”

Highly recommend this dispatch from Eras Tour. More precisely, Tampa parking lot — By my colleague Madison Malone Kircher A Fan’s Frenzy For A Certain Blue Crewneck SweatshirtWhile reading it, I was alternately moved and terrified, but always entertained.

Speaking of interesting but depressing reports, I also appreciate this recent essay Among the vultures asked by author Nate Jones, “Why are my secret Spotify songs following me?In favor of a more personal form of music discovery, Jones puts his finger on the exact kind of algorithmic dependence I want to fight in this newsletter. Being able to be your personal favorite marker in a private and individual way, the magic was broken when I came across her hidden Spotify songs in the world. I also felt like a widget.

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