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The Callisto Protocol: Behind the Horror

Since the trailer was unveiled at The Game Awards 2020, The Callisto Protocol has remained one of the most anticipated games and we can’t wait to get our hands on it! December 2, 2022 We wanted to know more behind the scenes (and mind) of the game’s creators with the upcoming release.

That said, there’s no better way to explore the ins and outs of horror from the Callisto Protocol than to rock the entire documentary series. When A dedicated panel about “Mastering Horror”!?

what to expect

Part 1 – Master Horror: Callisto Protocol Docuseries

  • what: 3-part horror documentary series
  • Where: Stream here on IGN
  • when: Episodes will be released at different times.
    • Ep 1 Horror Movie Brutality: October 27
    • Ep 2 Callisto Protocol: Blueprints of Terror: November 3rd
    • Ep 3 Callisto Protocol: Human & Powerless: November 10th

Part 2 – Callisto Protocol: The Master Horror Roundtable

  • what: Panel moderated by IGN’s Brian Altano Glenn Scofield and other masters of terror
  • Where: Streaming here on IGN and on the channels below
  • when: The Roundtable Livestream is November 17th

This special roundtable centered around the concept of engineered horror in The Callisto Protocol, an upcoming survival horror game from the heart of Glen Schofield.

Hosted by IGN’s Brian Altano, the panel explores how Glen Schofield and other masters of horror combine brutality, atmosphere, tension, helplessness, and humanity to make each piece the sum of its parts. Dig into what creates a better experience than The discussion ends with the world premiere debut of The Callisto Protocol’s new trailer.

where to stream

These special streams can be caught in one of the following locations:

Why Horror Fans Should Watch….

If you’re a horror game aficionado, find out how professionals create and craft truly terrifying experiences, and what goes on in their heads when they’re making games. (“Are the creators of the Callisto Protocol okay? Why were their brains lost? there?”)

Luckily, the same creator knows how to make people jump, and he taught us all about how to do it. Let’s dive into the brains of these Horror Masters from their own professional experience creating amazing and terrifying content. From the design of all of it to the strategy behind the emotional triggers, you’ll see how the Horror Crew unleashes the true terror that lies within all of us.

Additionally, the documentary includes celebrities from horror entertainment such as:

  • Glenn Scofield
  • Alec Gillis
  • newton brothers
  • Sean Cunningham
  • Robert Kirkman
  • Tom Savini

that have been developed, What is the horror light in their life, What do other horror entertainment experts think makes the game truly terrifying? Journey into the (terrifying) mind of the creator of

  1. Episode 1: What drives fear? From tearing monsters to pieces to creating disgusting, satisfying death scenes, go behind the scenes of the brutal gore that is horror.
  2. Episode 2: Masters of Horror Discuss the Importance of Building Atmosphere, Mood and Suspense Ignite the player’s emotional response. What does atmosphere mean and how was it created for the game? Find out what drives people and how classic movies still influence scary games today.
  3. Episode 3: Expect discussions of what it means to be human in horror entertainment, including the release of helplessness.

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