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The Callisto Protocol Canceled In Japan Over Ratings Board Dispute

Callisto Protocol has been completely canceled in Japan after a dispute between developer Striking Distance Studios and the Japanese review board.

As reported by PC gamer, Striking Distance said on Twitter that the current version of The Callisto Protocol (a particularly brutal and violent horror game by Dead Space creator Glen Schofield) could not pass Japan’s Computer Entertainment Rating Organization (CERO) in its current form. announced that it would be removed when the game was changed. from that vision.

So both are stuck because CERO doesn’t give the game a rating before the content changes and Striking Distance doesn’t change it either. Neither company explained what was deemed to be the problem with the game.

“The Japanese version of the Callisto Protocol has been discontinued. Currently, it is not possible to pass the CERO rating,” Striking Distance said in a tweet, adding that the changes to the Callisto Protocol “do not provide the experience players expect.” rice field.

Those who pre-ordered the game will receive a full refund, but without importing it from another region, there is no way to play the game they were looking forward to.

Callisto Protocol is coming to PlayStation, Xbox, and PC on December 2nd. This release date pushed Striking Distance into a corner in September. Scofield tweeted that he was proud that his team was working seven days a week instead of his six, but he was quick to apologize and admit he had “failed.” rice field.

In previewing the game, IGN said:

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