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The Callisto Protocol Director Glen Schofield Apologizes for Possible Crunch Comments

Callisto Protocol director Glen Schofield has apologized for an earlier comment that hinted at the potential for crunch culture at his studio Striking Distance.

As discovered by someone like Ian Walker Schofield tweeted a statement that he and his team are working six to seven days a week, 12 to 15 hours each, to complete The Callisto Protocol. While he writes that no one is “forcing us” to do this, many of the issues the studio is experiencing crunch stem from the top, making it difficult for others to do their jobs as well as they do themselves. You can quietly expect to

“I only talk about games during events,” Scofield wrote in a now-deleted tweet. “We work six to seven days a week and nobody forces us.” Huh.Tired,tired,Covid but we are working.Fixing bugs, glitches, performance.One last pass through audio.12-15 hours a day.This is a game.It’s hard. Work. Lunch and dinner are working. U Do it cause ya luv it.”

Schofield then wrote an apology In response to an earlier tweet, he said he valued “passion and creativity, not long hours” and said his previous comment was written incorrectly.

“Anyone who knows me knows how passionate I am about the people I work with. That was wrong, we value passion and creativity, not long hours.I feel sorry for the team that came across like this.”

Bloomberg reported that Jason Schreier said: People who have reported crunch problems in the past, Responded to Schofield’s original tweet with a little context.

“This is crunch culture by definition, according to the head of the studio,” Schreier wrote. “Of course, no one is ‘forced’ to work unusual hours. ’” Weaponized passion. This is why people burn out of games. “

Crunch in the gaming industry and other studios has been in the spotlight in recent years as reports have emerged about unhealthy working conditions for the people building the entertainment we love. , and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

As it stands, Striking Distance Studios plans to release The Callisto Protocol on December 2, 2022.

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