The Economist’s cover featuring Bitcoin along with major currencies has Twitter guessing

Twitter user @HK Belvedere I recently published the cover of a British weekly newspaper economistaccompanied by the text:

Another spooky cover for The Economist was published a few days ago. be what you want.

The cover depicts a cartoon-style control panel with levers front and center, and warning gauges that appear red or near-red. Below the lever is the text “Regime change”.

With multiple Easter egg additions, including a nod to Bitcoin, Twitter speculates it paints a hidden message.

The cover of The Economist nodding to Bitcoin
sauce: @HKBelvedere on

What is this about Bitcoin?

Look at the Economist Archives This particular cover is not shown. Nonetheless, given the current macro environment, with rising tensions in Eastern Europe, a strong dollar, and flat cryptocurrency markets, Twitter is brimming with giving meaning to its cover.

@HK Belvedere He commented that the red dial pointing to the pound sign flanked by the yen, dollar, bitcoin and euro symbols was “interesting”.

The most obvious interesting point is that Bitcoin is portrayed as being on par with the four major fiat currencies, including the reserve currency.

The pound hit an all-time low of 1.04 against the dollar on September 26 as the UK government announced a massive tax cut to spur a stagnant economy.

The knock effect of the ‘mini-budget’ has caused UK government bonds to plummet, forcing the Bank of England (BoE) to intervene in bond purchases. ยฃ5 billion ($5.532 billion) once a day for 13 days to prevent collapses.

according to Bitcoin magazinethe latest information on the matter has the BoE doubling its bond purchases indefinitely.

gold bug Peter Schiff Intervention would create more inflationary pressure and be “doomed to fail”, he said, as long-term government bond yields must rise in line with rising inflation.

“Regime change” could be related to Ukraine or Russia, but given Britain’s precarious economic situation, a disastrous “mini-budget” followed by newly elected Conservative Liz There is speculation that the cover alludes to Prime Minister Truss being deposed.

The Economist has a ‘creepy’ cover shape

A detective on Twitter commented on the less obvious Easter egg. Referring to the dial on the lever, @ZeroSomeGame posted that could mean 5 8 6 9. This may be related to the panic button that is usually put in place to call for help.

@CryptoShadowOff Link the cover to the Russian general’s comment Andrei Gurlyovin June, said that if World War III broke out, London would be the first to be attacked.

The Economist was founded in 1843 and is considered a highly influential publication. Over the years, some of its covers have accurately predicted future events, and some believe in connections with “insiders.”

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