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The European Commission Wants Your Data Centers in Space

Environmental concerns are becoming more and more entrenched in the collective consciousness. Whether that’s through climate activists’ decisions about which works of art deserve to have soup thrown at them, or through their participation (and conspicuous absence) at the United Nations Climate Change Conference. and as discovered register (opens in new tab), the European Commission (EC) is exploring radical ideas to reduce the climate impact of data centers and other HPC (High Performance Computing) deployments. The concept involves placing them completely outside the Earth’s atmosphere, in the pitch-black void of space.

The EC-led feasibility study ASCEND (which stands for Advanced Space Cloud for Europe’s Net Zero Emissions and Data Sovereignty) EU ‘Horizon Europe’ initiative (opens in new tab) It is supported by a budget of 2 million euros. He also relies on multiple partners in the environmental, cloud computing, and space technology sectors. Thales Alenia Space (opens in new tab)is a joint venture between European aerospace and defense companies Thales and Leonardo. According to Thales Alenia Space, the main motivation for feasibility studies has nothing to do with performance, longevity or energy efficiency. Instead, these elements are wrapped up in the larger environmental picture of addressing running emissions from operational data centers.

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