The Gathering’s creator launches new PvP card game in collaboration with Tyranno Studios


Magic: The Gathering card game creator Richard Garfield has launched a new player-versus-player game for his irreplaceable token project Blockchain Brawlers.

Blockchain Brawlers is a play-to-own game based on the WAX โ€‹โ€‹blockchain created by Tyranno Studios. Adding a new his PvP card game adds to the appeal of the project.

Entrusting Garfield with the design of a new game is an amazing feat given his accomplishments in the Web2 gaming space. Mr. Garfield is the architect of the fantasy card game “Magic: The Gathering” and is responsible for the development of trading card games in general.

According to him, the new game will not include features that many have shunned from blockchain games, such as speculation. Instead, PvP mode will be about gameplay. All players are given equal opportunities and card sets.

However, there are still elements in line with the Blockchain Brawlers vision. These include crafting elements for users holding NFT land plots called Brawl-O-Seums to craft specific in-game items.

Regarding development, Garfield said:

“I was persuaded to contribute the game because Tyranno wanted to do a project that wasn’t exactly a tradable card game where all players played with the same cards and materials. Not to mention the art. It may be different, but the game is consistent from player to player.”

Meanwhile, Tyranno Studios Chief Gaming Officer Michael Rubinelli also shared his vision for the game. The goal is to provide users with a great esports experience and expect more players and viewers.

He said:

โ€œWe have a Matchmaking Ranking (MMR) system in place, with leagues starting soon and global competitions with incredible prize pools. These events will be live-streamed in the future. , and we expect many shoutcasters to participate.โ€

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