The Getty Gives $17 Million to Museums for Pacific Standard Time

Los Angeles — Almost 20 Years Ago, Artist Beatrice da Costa We designed a small backpack for homing pigeons with sensors to track air pollution in California. Next year her bird will fly again thanks to a survey of the artist’s work. race — One of about 60 museum shows “PST Art: Art & Science Collide” The 2024 edition of the Getty-sponsored region-wide cultural collaboration known as Pacific Standard Time.

On Tuesday, Getty will announce participating exhibitions and a $17 million grant to support them. PST, as it is known, Started in 2011 With the theme of Southern California art history, it will be re-performed in 2017. Latino and Latin American artThe event will take place every five years under the new rubric “PST Art”.

“When I traveled to Europe in November, I heard about PST and was struck by how many people thought of it as one of the things that cemented Southern California as a major arts and cultural destination. “And I really want to build on that,” Getty president Catherine E. Fleming said in an interview Monday. I promise this to the art scene of .

While funded by Getty, the museum proposes unique exhibits that fit overarching themes. Several museums will host ambitious shows about the climate crisis next year. hammer museum “Climate and Social Justice” and LAX art On “ecofeminism”, a movement that emerged in the 1970s to combat the exploitation of nature and women. The La Jolla Historical Society presents works from the state of California. Newton and Helen Harrisonincluding a couple 360-foot-long, multi-part, photo-text murals “Lagoon Cycle” It begins with a crab-filled lagoon in Sri Lanka and ends with images of global warming in the Pacific Ocean.

The power of sci-fi and alternative world-building will also be demonstrated across multiple shows.of Autry Museum of the American West presents “Indigenous Futures, or How to Survive and Prosper in the Post-Apocalypse,” featuring the work of contemporary Native American artists. Carla Romero And Kanupa Hanska Luger.of ONE Archive The exhibition celebrates the “sci-fi fandom” in LGTBQ history, while the University of California, Los Angeles presents a 12-week film series of independent science fiction films that dismantle conventional representations of gender, race and ethnicity. We are running a program.

A classic example of how art and science meet in Southern California is movement of light and space Research in the 1960s and ’70s is represented by a survey of Pomona College’s Fred Eversley’s career that explores his history as an aerospace engineer. A solo exhibition will be held at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles. Olafur EliassonArguably the most popular heir to the tradition of light and space.

Expect art beyond the walls of the museum. BroadFor example, an extension of artist Josef Beuys’ 1982 project to plant trees in the city’s public spaces. 7000 Eihen” (7000 Oaks).

Most of the exhibitions will open around the same time in September 2024. Fleming said after the exhibition, he will consider partnering with museums abroad to tour the exhibition.

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