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The ‘Impossible’ Nier Automata Church Mod Is Out Now

Remember when everyone wondered if there was a hidden church in Nier Automata? I was. It was an ambitious project by three Nier modders.

Now, a mod once thought impossible to create has finally been made public. “IT’S OUT,” said modder Devolas Revenge Via Twitter.

Nier: Automata mod First published on Reddit, One user claimed to have discovered a completely new area never seen before.

“I think there is something wrong with the game because it goes back to the beginning. I don’t know how to fix it. Also, the cup shows random characters and Korean words,” they said. “Maybe I need to start the game over, or the boss over again, or maybe I took too long to beat it.”

What unfolded were days of mystery as the Nier community tackled previously unseen territory, putting forward theory after theory as to what exactly was going on. While some fans may have been disappointed that this wasn’t an official tease, much of the community has embraced this as a new era for the series, as modding the game was considered virtually impossible. .

now, Nier Automata Church Mod can be downloaded at nexus modsfans can jump in and see what all the fuss is about.

Nier Automata’s Church Saga – Revealing Who Was Behind It

“Thank you for being with us on this journey,” said DevolasRevenge, MOD’s map designer. “Whether you expected this outcome or not, I hope you enjoy the ramifications. It wasn’t meant to blow up in such a big way, it was just to confuse a few people on Twitter. ”

Aside from causing a few days of sensational mystery, the team has created an impressive mod. This project opens up new possibilities for Nier modding, and we may see more of these large-scale projects in the future.

IGN’s Nier: Automata review was 8.9/10, stating: It may not have the most sensible storyline or compelling characters, but its frenetic combat, coupled with beautiful visuals and a stunning soundtrack, make it too fun to miss. . “

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