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The Last of Us Composer Suggests a New Release of Part 2 Is Coming

According to series composer Gustavo Santaolalla, The Last of Us Part 2 could be a new and enhanced release.

during an interview with blenderSantaolalla teased a cameo appearance in The Last of Us Part 2, which will be expanded further in the game’s “new edition.” “With the new editions, we can make them play certain themes, but we can’t say anything else,” he said.

Santaolalla initially appeared in-game as Gustavo, a Cordyceps survivor living in Jackson. This small cameo of him playing the banjo appears to be extended in the supposed new version of the game, with Santaolalla hinting that players will be able to make Gustavo play songs from the game’s soundtrack. rice field.

However, this is far from an official announcement, and this is the first time we’ve heard of a new edition of The Last of Us Part 2. Perhaps the popular sequel will make its way to PC like its predecessor, but the game has only been on PlayStation 4 so far, so it’s possible that a PlayStation 5 version is also in development.

However, The Last of Us Part 1’s PC port was met with great opposition upon release due to various serious performance issues, resulting in “mostly negative” player reviews. Since then, the game has been updated with a huge 25 GB patch to improve framerate, fidelity, and more.

IGN’s review of The Last of US Part 2 gave it a 10/10 rating and stated: Moving forward on just about every front, Ellie takes the spotlight and progresses the sequel in a way that feels like the culmination of everything that made Naughty Dog’s blockbuster storytelling so memorable. “

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