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The Last of Us HBO Series Creator Says Fans Can Be Upset by Changes: ‘I Don’t Blame Them’

The second episode of HBO’s The Last of Us series just hit streamers yesterday, and fans are already criticizing the show for changing certain things from the game.

Titled “Infected,” this episode recreates some of the first few levels of the original game. Joel, Ellie, and Tess sneak through the overrun city and take Ellie down with the Firefly rebels. Deviating from the game, creators Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin have introduced a new method of spreading fungal infections. give the fungus

In games, one of the main ways infections spread is through airborne spores. The show’s omission of Spore has left some fans feeling that the series is too flexible with its adaptations.

Druckmann said in an interview, “I’ve learned to anticipate the backlash from sneezing.” variety“Fans like us are so protective and loving of the world and these characters that, without the full context of what that means, whatever we deem a deviation, the worst of it.” I’ll push given the circumstances. Think again. I think the addition is worth it. I wish I had thought about it.

Mr Mazin added: I do feel it sometimes. I think we’ll be fine if we see how it goes. There’s a lot going on and no doubt some people are like, ‘You’re screwed’, I understand that. Absolutely I know that not everyone will be happy. ”

Spore’s presence would mean that Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey would have to wear gas masks for much of the show’s running time, so the omission of Spore practically makes sense for the live-action adaptation. However, Mazin maintains that the show has yet to completely eliminate spores.

“If you listen carefully, you’ll hear the word ‘spore,'” he said. “We don’t necessarily know if we’ll see spores this time around, but to say our world doesn’t have spores isn’t accurate. We still don’t know for sure. That’s part of the fun of adapting, and adventure.” We leave these blurred edges of the map for our characters to discover as the .

The Last of Us series is just getting started, so who knows how the rest of the show will fare with the beloved video game. But for now, the creators seem to know that backlash is to be expected when adapting he one of the greatest games ever made.

Carson Burton is a freelance news writer for IGN. You can follow him on Twitter at @carsonsburton.

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