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The Meta Quest Pro Just Dropped in Price By $400

Amazon lowered the price today metaquest pro From $1499.99 to $1099.99. Considering the Quest Pro was released just a few months ago, this is a good deal.Of course it’s still much more expensive than that quest 2, Starting at $399.99. Quest 2 is still recommended for pure gamers. The Quest Pro would probably make a great gaming headset, but the price and features are more for mixed reality and AR developers.

$400 Off Meta Quest Pro VR Headset

Let’s start with the display. At first glance, you can tell the Quest Pro is thin. Very thin. In fact, the front visor is nearly 40% slimmer than the Quest 2, thanks to the new pancake lens system. The Quest 2 uses a single LCD with 1920×1832 resolution per eye, while the Quest Pro uses dual LCD panels with the same resolution. Meta claims 37% more pixels per inch and 30% more color gamut. The Quest Pro should also support dynamic foveal rendering and features a manual his IPD adjustment slider.

Hardware-wise, the visor is thinner, but the headset as a whole is heavier. That’s because the head strap is a counterweight and the battery is mounted in the back, which makes it more balanced than the Quest 2. You can wear this headset for a long time without straining your neck. The head strap is also sturdier, more like the optional Elite strap than the cloth headband that came with the Quest 2. Under the hood, the Quest Pro features an upgraded Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2+ CPU, promising 50% more power and more effective heat dissipation.

The Quest Pro is a pretty big upgrade in its tracking capabilities. For example, the Touch controller no longer has an LED ring. Instead, it has its own camera for independent self-tracking capabilities. The visor also has some new tricks. In addition to the standard inside-out tracking camera, there is an inward-facing camera that can track eye and facial movements. Very few games (if any) currently have facial tracking available for productivity and social applications, such as avatars that can mimic facial gestures or have full control using their eyes instead of their face. opens up a whole realm of possibilities. your controller. And of course dynamic foveal rendering is only possible with eye tracking.

Further enhancing the Quest Pro’s concept as a mixed reality tool, the visor is equipped with a full-color sensor that enables high-definition color video. This means you can see the world around you and potentially see AR elements in your Quest Pro. This seems to be a polished version of the now-defunct Google Glasses. ), for the pure gamer, the cost attached to this feature set is wasted.

In summary, being at the forefront of a technology that has not yet been widely adopted comes at a heavy price. Whether it’s worth it is up to you, but the Quest Pro is clearly not meant to be a direct upgrade from the Quest 2 for the average VR gamer. If you can afford it, it’s a treat. If you can’t, quest 2 exists.

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