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The Pokémon Community Has Discovered a Major Issue With Scarlet and Violet’s Battle Stadium

The issues surrounding Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are largely performance-based. Low framerates, extreme pop-ins, and camera clipping are just a few examples. Now, however, Pokémon fans seem to have discovered a new problem with Scarlet and Violet, which is having a major impact on the competitive battle scene.

As posted on Twitter Anubis, fans believe that Scarlett and Violet’s battle stadium now uses the same RNG (random number generator) seed for all battles. means that you can figure out which moves will hit and which ones will miss every time, depending on the For example, apparently he’s less than 91% accurate movies always fail on the first turn of a Battle Stadium fight.

Reddit User Lord-Trolldemort We first discovered this issue when Frost Breath (a move with 90% accuracy) missed the first attack of combat 14 times in a row. If the RNG were working correctly, the odds of missing a move many times with 90% accuracy would be 1 in 100 trillion. As seen in the video above, the player discovered a window where the 1-hit KO move reliably worked every time, effectively breaking his stadium in the current state of the battle. Players also point out that this isn’t an issue with wild Pokémon, trainers, or other types of battles such as gym battles.

Battle Stadium is designed to allow players to compete against Trainers around the world. This includes Scarlet and Violet’s Ranked Battles, which means the issue is particularly pressing for the most hardcore segment of the competitive Pokémon scene. I need to fix this ASAP.

The new facts surrounding Scarlett and Violet’s battle stadium aren’t the only problems with the game. Since launch, fans have found glitches and issues ranging from shiny Pokémon cloning, running at 2x speed, interesting visual glitches, to serious performance issues.

Technical issues and oversights in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are the main issues that have kept the latest generation of Pokemon from being great. It’s really fun to discover and catch all these charming monsters in…that’s just too many asterisks attached.”

Despite all the drama surrounding Pokémon, Scarlett and Violet have already sold over 10 million units for the fastest Nintendo launch ever. For more, check out our top 10 picks for the best Pokémon games.

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