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The Rise of China GPU Makers: AI and Tech Sovereignty Drive New GPU Entrants

The number of Chinese GPU startups is staggering as China seeks to gain AI capabilities and semiconductor sovereignty, according to a new article. report from John Peddy ResearchAdditionally, the number of GPU manufacturers has increased around the world in recent years as the demand for artificial intelligence (AI), high performance computing (HPC), and graphics processing has grown at a fairly unprecedented rate. AMD and Nvidia maintain their lead when it comes to discrete graphics for PCs, but Intel is catching up.

18 GPU developers

Dozens of companies developed graphics cards and discrete graphics processors in the 1980s and 1990s, but fierce competition for the best performance in 3D games forced most of them out of business. rice field. By 2010, only AMD and Nvidia could offer competitive standalone GPUs for gaming and computing, while others focused on either integrated GPUs or GPU IP.

The mid-2010s saw a rapid increase in the number of China-based PC GPU developers. This is fueled by the country’s push for technology self-sufficiency and his emergence of AI and HPC as high-tech megatrends.

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