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The Silent Hill: Townfall Trailer Audio Is Hiding a Secret Message

There’s more to the already ominous Silent Hill: Townfall trailer than meets the eye (and ear), as NoCode and Annapurna hide a secret message in the audio.

After co-producer NoCode creative director John McKellen hinted that the trailer contained some secrets, Reddit User MilkmanEX I extracted the audio and converted it to MP3. If you look at the spectrogram of the audio, after about 52 seconds you will see a secret message.

IGN has confirmed its existence, and the message reads: We know virtually nothing about Townfall yet and don’t expect any new information until 2023, but the message could hint at the game’s premise.

A secret message hidden in the audio spectrogram of the Silent Hill: Townfall trailer.

There are already many theories floating around in the comments section of the Reddit post. Fans generally think that players are called to this town to save whatever may be left, or at least figure out what went wrong.

The secret message’s tone matches the creepy trailer Konami released in its Silent Hill Transmission showcase. In it, unsettling scenes of black-and-white (and finally bright red) ocean waves flick back and forth with slowly zooming shots of a pocket CRTV emitting voices asking the listener why they’re there.

Fans will likely continue to dig into the trailer for even more secrets, so we’ll just have to wait and see what else comes out of it, with an official update from co-producers Annapurna Interactive and NoCode Studios.

Silent Hill 2 Remake was announced at Konami’s showcase, along with two more spin-offs (Silent Hill: Ascension and Silent Hill f), as well as a new movie.

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