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The Super Mario Bros. Movie Will Feature the DK Rap, Which Seth Rogen Calls ‘One of the Worst Rap Songs’

Along with revealing that Donkey Kong 64’s legendary DK rap will be in the Super Mario Bros. movie, Seth Rogen jokingly calls it “objectively one of the worst rap songs of all time.” increase.

Rogen, who voices Donkey Kong in the Super Mario Bros. movies, took to the film’s official Twitter account to share the exciting news and react to seeing the original DK rap from the opening of Donkey Kong 64 in 1999. Did.

Rogen also confirmed that the movie would feature his version of Donkey Kong with DK Rap, before calling it “one of the worst rap songs of all time”. I found something I liked more as I went along, and even gave it a ’10/10 Banana’ rating at the end.

Grant Kirkhope The Donkey Kong 64 composer and head of DK Rap responded to the video in the best possible way.

“When I wrote the worst rap track in the history of rap tracks in 1997 and was told it was going to be in a Mario Bros. movie, [sic] You would explode with excitement! Long live DK rap! ‘ writes Kirkhope.

The Super Mario Bros. movie hits theaters on April 5, 2023, so fans won’t have to wait long to see DK Rap come to life on the big screen.

For more information, see Rogen’s comments about being “excited” to voice Donkey Kong again after this movie, why Mario’s voice actor Chris Pratt said, “Get ready for a lot of these movies.” , and check out the comments about Keegan-Michael Key. how he maintained the high-pitched voice of a toad throughout the film;

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